Sliced Salame

Sliced Salame

We make our salame the old-fashioned way: with high quality, lean pork, exceptional spices and lots of care and attention.

  • Gallo Italian Dry Salame Sliced
    Deli-Thin Sliced

    Crafted with founder Louis Gabiati’s spice recipe and lean, high quality pork, our deli-thin sliced salame has the traditional world flavor you love. And we cure ours the old-fashioned way—with lots of time and the careful attention of salame masters.

    Available in 3, 6, 7, 15.2, 32 and 40-oz packages
  • Gallo Light Italian Dry Salame
    Deli-Thin Sliced

    Our Light Italian Dry Salame is every bit as delicious as our traditional salame, but with 55% less fat. At only 70 calories per serving, this is old-world salame you can really indulge in!

    Available in 3, 7, and 15.2-oz packages
  • Gallo Italian Dry Salame 60% Less Sodium
    Deli-Thin Sliced

    This deli thin sliced salame gives you the same great taste as our traditional Italian Dry Salame, but with 60% less sodium.

    Available in 15.2 - oz packages
  • Gallo All Natural Uncured Salame
    Deli Thin Sliced

    Made with a select blend of herb and spices – with NO preservatives – but still provides the delicious Old World salame flavor.

    Available in 12 oz packages
  • Gallo Peppered Salame
    Deli-Thin Sliced

    Made with a select blend of herbs and spices, and the finest lean pork. These ingredients provide the delicious flavor of the Old World.

    Available in 6 oz packages